The gate way!

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The gate way!

Na-mas-te !

My name is Sean Molloy and i reside in Brisbane, Australia. I have been with The Love Company as a volunteer since the 3rd of December 2012. I have enjoyed every minute spent helping the children progress in their education and extra-curricular activities. As soon as I arrived to meet the children at their home I felt very welcomed and Ra-yul was the first to grip my hand. It took me a while to learn all of their names but soon it became easy and they each have a unique personality and smiles from ear to ear. I am learning just as much from these amazing children as I hope I am teaching them. My time is divided between visiting the children at their home and teaching a variety of subjects in English at the local government school, Shree Barahi Primary and Secondary. This is also the school that nearly all of the love company children attend. The first day teaching at the school was daunting as I have had very limited teaching experience previously and I wondered how the children would react to my arrival. They were all very friendly, receptive and interested in knowing where I came from and who I was. The children, even at primary school level have a good grasp of the English dialect, which is a credit to Shree Barahi and its teaching staff. My confidence is growing each day along with my very limited command of the Nepali language. The students are very intelligent in their allocated subjects and it is my hope to try and bridge the gap between their knowledge of the same subjects taught in Nepali and English.

The teachers at the school are dedicated and loving people who all strive to give their students an excellent education combined with a promising future. It was a privilege and an honour to work at the school and I hope that future volunteers (with or without teaching experience) have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people and are rewarded knowing they are contributing to the development of these brilliant young Nepali children.

If a consistent number of international volunteers and teachers were to spend some time in Pokhara they would have the chance to explore the region’s rich and vibrant culture, delicious ‘lake-side’ cuisine and unforgettable views of the Himalayan region, made perfect for hiking and trekking adventures. But most of all, volunteers would have the chance to invest in the future of these bright young children who love to learn, and it is by far the most rewarding and satisfying feeling to contribute in such a small way.

A word of advice to those interested, it is important to bring some instructional subject material to teach from. Most of the teaching material is predominantly in Nepali so it pays to come prepared. In saying this I adapted quite easily teaching English subjects to students of various age groups once I knew their level of the spoken and written language. I would recommend this type of adventure to anyone wishing to visit or holiday in Pokhara Nepal and it is my hope to return again one day.

Thank you to Krishna and the Love Company for this incredible opportunity, I feel truly blessed to have met you all.

Love Sean

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