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Erin Mollar

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Volunteer Testimonial !!! Erin Erin hello krishna, this is my review for the website I spent a month at innocent children orphanage, Pokhara, and loved every minute of it. The eight kids, aged 1-10, are all amazing and love having volunteers there. In an average day, we would get up around 7 ten downstairs by 7.30. Often in the mornings we would go into the classroom, and do drawing or the alphabet. The older children would sometimes do their homework there as well. Then dhal baat around 9, help clean up and take the kids to school. All except the one year old are at school or pre school, so when itis not holidays it is pretty quiet in the day. Sometimes we would stay around, other times we would go out for the day, to Lakeside or to see other parts of Pokhara. School finishes at 3, and after that snack time then play until dhal baat in the evening. One volunteer bought a bicycle, and this provided many many hours of fun, but you can do anything the children want. One time I brought down my ipod and we had a bit of a dance party which was lots of fun. Dinner is around 8, then help put the kids to bed, clean up, and off to bed ourselves by 9, ready to do it all again! We also had a few outings, which the kids really loved. We took them to Fewa lake a few times, and boated across and went paddling, and up the nearby hill for a picnic another day. I had a very enjoyable time here, you feel like a part of the orphanage and very welcomed, and also needed. It is a very nice and rewarding place to volunteer, and I would definitely recommend it. Australia

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