Testimonial- many exploring opportunities!

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Testimonial- many exploring opportunities!

Namaste! Hi! My name is Abbey and I am a volunteer at The Love Company Children Home, in Pokhara, Nepal. If you are interested in volunteering with children, living in a beautiful and outdoorsy village, and having daily opportunities of exploring – this is for you!

                There are currently thirteen children, ages 4 – 11, six girls and seven boys. Two house mothers live there, Upsada and Sanjita. They take turns cooking and cleaning. If you were to volunteer here, they give you a (nice) room to sleep in and a (clean) western bathroom. Responsibilities of a volunteer include: waking up and playing with the children in the morning before breakfast and afterwards, helping the children clean-up and get ready for school. When it is near the time school starts, another responsibility is to walk the children to school. After that “free time” until 3:00pm – which is nice if you enjoy exploring and going new places. Lakeside is a twenty minute walk away! Lakeside has many attractions, among them are restaurants and bars along the lake, shops, adventure shops, and of course Lake Fewa.  You can walk, bike, or boat around it! It is quite beautiful! After exploring or relaxing, you pickup the children from school and walk back to the home. When you arrive, you eat a snack and then work on homework before free time. After that is dinner and more free time before bed. At the end of the day you will have a balance between the children and your own time!

                I decided to go here to Pokhara because I have never been here and wanted to learn about the Nepali culture. I have enjoyed my stay and getting the chance to learn. People here in Pokhara are very friendly, generous, and willing to help. On all my walks and adventures, I have been greeted by people of all ages saying, “Namaste! How are you?” People are genuine, warm, and curious! They want to know where you are from, great conversations have been had with strangers.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by Krishna, the manager of the house. Such a sweet and gentle man! Making sure my travels were safe and sound and introducing me to Santos (a teacher who volunteers at the home) the house mothers and all the adorable children. Talking and listening to him, I realized that his heart is for the children. He has given so much of his time and money to the childrens home, knowing this is a comfort. Volunteering at an organization where the owner is passionate about the cause, the children – is evident here! I am grateful for the opportunity I have here, to work with the children in a foreign country  and still have the time to explore.

Abbey USA




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