Amazing Volunteer Experience!

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Amazing Volunteer Experience!

An Amazing volunteering experience!

Submitted on 11/24/2014 by Aimee | Yes, I would recommend this program

I have been volunteering in Nepal for 3 months now and this has by far been the best experience. I have only been here for five days and am in love with everything. The children are so loving and intelligent. Everyday when you bring them to school you are hugged and kisses and get to send them off for the day and you get to bring them home for school do some homework and play! They are so smart and loving and always are a good time to be around. most of them have only been in school since they came to the orphanage and have already improved on their studies its hard to believe they haven’t been going the whole time like other children in Nepal. There are 14 children and all of them are so special. Una the woman in charge is amazing with the kids as well and cooks some wonderful Daal Bhatt for dinner. On Fridays they have half days and you get the chance to go play football and have a wonderful time running around with the kids! This is my favorite day. In spite of their prior situations they are extremely happy healthy children now and it is an honor to be with them. Chrisna the coordinator is very great to work with, we have breakfast with him and his wife every morning which is a pleasure. He founded this orphanage and runs it very well. In your off time there is a lot of stuff to do in pokhara, beautiful trekking, time at the lake and much more. I will be back soon to see these beautiful children!




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